Get a MAST Permit

MAST permits

  • You need a MAST permit if you serve alcohol or manage alcohol servers at a liquor licensed business that sells alcohol for on-premises consumption
  • You must obtain a MAST permit within 60 days of hire
    • Note: If you are a grocery store employee conducting beer and wine tastings, you are required to have a Class 12 MAST permit at the time of the tasting event
  • The training is provided by private entities that have been certified by the WSLCB
  • Upon completion of the training and exam, the MAST trainer or provider will issue your MAST permit within 30 days
  • Permits are good for five years
  • You must have your permit readily available for inspection while at work

MAST classes

  • Click here to find a class (class locations/online links)
  • Classes are offered in a classroom setting or online
  • Class format and costs vary by program
  • Keep your receipt and the name and contact information for your trainer or online provider for future reference

Types of permits
You will need one of the following permits:

  • Class 12 Mixologist Permit
    For those 21 and older. This permit allows you to:
    • Draw alcohol from tap and mix drinks;
    • Perform duties included in the Class 13 permit; and
    • Manage the establishment
    • Conduct beer and wine tastings at a grocery store with a tasting endorsement
    • At least one Class 12 permit holder must be on duty

      Sample of Class 12 Mixologist Permit
      (Sample of Class 12 Mixologist Permit)

  • Class 13 Servers Permit
    For those 18 and older. This permit allows you to:
    • Take alcohol orders, and
    • Carry alcohol to the customer and pour it into a customer’s glass at the customer’s table
    • You may be eligible to upgrade to a Class 12 permit once you turn 21. Contact your trainer for information.

                        Sample of Class 13 Servers Permit
                       (Sample of Class 13 Servers Permit)

When will I get my MAST permit?
State law requires your trainer to issue your permit within 30 days of the class.

Your MAST permit may be issued the day of the test if the instructor grades the test on site. However, some trainers grade the test at another site and then mail the permit to students.

If you took the online MAST class, your permit will be mailed to you within 30 days of the class.

If you do not receive your permit within 30 days, contact the trainer. If you still do not receive it, contact the WSLCB MAST coordinator at (360) 664-1727.